Best Beard Styles for Black Men

For African Americans, the style they decide to follow for their beards is different from others. There are many facial hair looks that work better for some people than others. If you are looking for the best beard styles to try out the next time you are at the barber, what are some of the best looks out there?

The “Fitty”


One of the most popular rappers in the game, 50 Cent, is always known as one of the most fashionable figures in hip hop music. He always has the freshest clothes and always has his beard trimmed up and looking nice. The traditional 50 Cent facial hair look features crisp lines and a fresh cut all around. This is a look that makes you look sophisticated and intriguing.

The Rick Ross


Another of the biggest rappers in the game is Rick Ross. Aside from his great lyrics and popular albums, he is known more for both his larger than life persona and his big beard. His beard is bushy, but maintained; large, but cleaned. It is a look that anyone with a big bushy beard considers to be the Ross, but unless you keep it organized and neat, it isn’t.

Mustache/Soul Patch


The mustache might be one of the most traditional and popular looks of all time. Over the years, the mustache has evolved to the point where it was bushy and big like Tom Selleck to the point where it is today. The current mustache features think and crisp lines and for black men, usually isn’t let to just above the lip. When you walk around with just a mustache, you will get cracked on more than you would be getting any compliments. When you include a soul patch and a little spot on your chin, it is suddenly a good look. Some like P. Diddy pulls this look off the best.

The Lenny Kravitz


For millions of women around the world, Lenny Kravitz is the ultimate sex symbol. While the popular artist changes up his hair style often, the one thing that usually stays constant is his beard. He always seems to have the three-day look going with his beard. With the use of an electronic beard trimmer, this is something any guy can do, but not many actually attempt it. With Kravitz, his beard covers his entire face and at times, he doesn’t even shave his neck. This could lead to irritation for some, so if you want to try his look, you might need to alter it a bit.

Edge Up


The edge up is one of the nicest and most modern looks you can do with your facial hair today. With years of practice, some people have been able to complete this look in their own bathroom, but the best way to get the crispest lines would be to find a barber that uses a straight razor. This look requires that all the hair on your face is organized into a tight line from ear to ear with your mustache and hair line done as well.



This is a look that is universal for men of all races and creeds. The goatee is a look that allows you to be a bit lazy when it comes to shaving your beard entirely off, but still provides you with a great look. There are two different kinds of goatee looks you can go for. You can go for the neat look that has straight lines go directly down from each side of your lips or you can let it roam freely into your cheek area. The decision is yours, but both looks give you the best of the goatee style.

It doesn’t matter if you are hoping to look like Rick Ross or P. Diddy, all that matters is that you make your beard style your own. You need to feel comfortable with yourself and your appearance at all times and by using any of these styles, you will be able to achieve that.

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  1. Teresita says:

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  2. E says:

    OK I gotta say this, a goatee and/or chin strap, are NOT nor should be considered a BEARD! A beard is full w/ most of the face covered. Anything outside of that simply is NOT a beard.

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