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Review: Best Beard Oil for All Your Grooming Needs

It isn’t enough to just grow your beard out, shampoo and condition it each day, and keep it clean every week with a beard trimmer. Nowadays you need to use beard wax and balm, brushes, combs, and dye to keep your beard looking clean and elegant and to keep your lady friends excited about your

Review: Best Beard Wax and Balm to Style Your Beard

A stylish beard can take a man a long way. While some feel the need to have a wild and free beard down to their chest without any grooming, the majority of men would rather maintain their beards to a certain extent. Not to mention, the ladies in our lives also appreciate us more when

Review: Best Beard Shampoos and Conditioners to Keep Your Face Feeling Great

Ask anyone that has ever grown a beard before what their secret to growing a great beard would be and they would tell you it is shampooing and conditioning. As soon as your beard reaches several weeks, it would normally become itchy and while using regular hair shampoo and conditioner works to relieve the itchiness,

Review: Best 3 Beard Dye Products

A great looking beard can help set one man apart from the rest. A well groomed beard is always the way to go opposed to a beard that is left alone when you wake up. Beard combs, brushes, trimmers, and more are needed to make your beard look good each day, but for those men

Review: Best Beard Care Products For All Your Needs

A man’s beard can tell you a lot about the person. If it is well maintained and neat, you may automatically assume the gentleman is a business professional, while those with wild and crazy beards might be considered people that don’t care about what anyone thinks of them. Regardless of what style you desire, there

Review: Best Combs to Make Your Beard Look Great

The beard craze is still going strong, but gone are the days of raggedy beards being okay to the general public. While some television shows feature wild-beards, to the normal population, beards are great if they are maintained. You need trimmers, wax, and especially combs to help make sure your beard isn’t too wild and

Review: Best Beard Brushes to Maintain Your Unique Look

A beard is one of the most popular trends for men’s fashion in our current times, but a beard doesn’t come without its share of work. When done right, beards can be a great fashion statement, but you get from them exactly what you give into them. Beards need to be conditioned to help keep

Review: The Best Safety Razors

Safety Razors get their name from the ‘guard’ of a razor, which prevents and protects the user from skinning themselves with a razor blade outright, especially for those with a lack of skill. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use one without skill, as it is still easy to cut yourself if you aren’t

Review: Best Shaving Sets for Men

Get a shaving set for the man you love, and they’ll appreciate the practical gift you gave – it makes them feel good, smell better, and best of all, it won’t break the bank! On top of that, it’s great for an introductory gift that has everything a shaving man needs – you won’t need

Review: Best Shaving Brushes for Men

Shaving brushes are an essential part of any shaving kit that needs shaving cream or soap to lather up and apply onto the face. Shaving brushes are usually made of badger hair bristles traditionally as it gives a dense and even distribution of lather all over the face. Parker Shaving Pure Badger Bristle Shaving Brush