How to Trim a Beard

how-to-trim-a-beardFor some people, a good looking beard consists of having a style that members of ZZ Top or those from the show “Duck Dynasty” would complement you on. For others, the ideal beard style includes having a trimmed down full beard, goatee, edge up or even just a mustache. Depending on what you want to convey to those around you will alter the style you choose.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that your beard style gives those who see you a glimpse of your personality. Those with a wild personality might be more inclined to have a full and wild beard or even mutton chops, while those that are more reserved might have a crisply lined goatee or edge up.

There are different ways for you to trim your beard depending on what look you are trying to achieve. What is the best way for each popular style?

Full Beard

scissors-and-combThe best way to trim a full beard depends entirely on how long you want it. If you are happy with letting your beard grow for three months without trimming it at all or with minimal maintenance, then all you need is a pair of scissors and a comb. The comb will be your easy way to keep your beard the same length throughout your face. Put the comb against your face lengthwise and use the scissors to trim down the hair to the same spot on the comb.

beard_scizzorsAnother option you have if you want to have a full beard is to buy a beard trimmer or even a clipper that barbers use. There are hundreds of different options available on the market today, some of which are better than others, but all of them can be used to keep your wild and crazy beard neat and trimmed down. Some come with length attachments built in and others come with attachments that lock onto the shaving head.

Either way, pick the length you want your beard to be and use the trimmer with the grain to cut your hair. You’ll know you are going against the grain when your hair feels like it is being pulled out of your skin and instead of being cut.

If you want to keep your full beard looking as though it is only a few days grown, you will need a good beard trimmer that you can use across your beard every couple of days.

Just imagine this look being like a fresh haircut three days later. The skin won’t show through the hair as much and will look more natural.



The goatee is another look that will allow you to use multiple looks under the same umbrella. You can decide to have a tight and close look to your goatee or let it go wild. The best way to get a close and tight looking goatee is by using a combination of multiple tools. You can use the combination of an electronic beard trimmer and a regular razor, or you can use a straight razor. There are different advantages of each.


Using a straight razor has long been a way of getting the closest shave on your face and neck for millions of men. There is no smoother feeling on your face for those millions of men than that of getting a shave with a straight razor.

The safest and best way to go about this would be to seek out the help of a professional barber. While a lot of barbers have gone strictly to electronic trimmers, a lot of professionals likely learned how to use a straight razor when they were learning the craft. They make it seem easy, but it isn’t as easy to do it on your own face.

trimmer_goateeThe best way to teach yourself how to use a straight razor would be like seen in the movies. Fill up a balloon with air and put shaving cream on it. Use the straight razor and try to get all the shaving cream off. It if pops, it means you are doing it wrong and digging into the surface more than you should. Once you get through a handful of balloons without one popping, you should be safe to go.

If you don’t want to use the classic straight razor, your best bet would be to use a combination of a regular razor and electronic beard trimmer. You will want the beard trimmer to be one of the smaller ones available. This allows you to not have any blind spots when you are looking in the mirror as you try to cut your lines crisply. You don’t need the trimmer to be the best at getting close to the skin because you are using it mostly to just shape your look. You’ll then use shaving cream to surround the design and use the regular razor to get close to the skin and complete your look.

Edge Up


An edge up is one of those looks that have evolved a lot in recent years. It’s a look that is largely popular with the under-25 crowd and one that you can do yourself after enough practice. The best way to give yourself an edge up would be using the same method as you do with a goatee. Use an electronic beard trimmer to cut the design into your facial hair. You will then use a regular razor to clean up the rest of the hair and get close to the skin. This will allow you to get that smooth feeling that is desired by many.



A mustache is a look that a lot of people think they can pull off well, but in reality, not all can do so as effectively as they think. For those that want to use this style, it is one of the easiest styles to shape and design. In just five minutes, you can go from the Zach Galifianakis look to old-school Tom Selleck. The best way to make this happen would be to use a beard trimmer to cut down as much hair as possible.

If you had a big beard, using a regular razor will take you 20 minutes to get down to the skin, if not longer. By using the beard trimmer, you are cutting the hair down quickly and effectively. You’ll then want to use a straight razor or regular razor to get the smooth feeling.

Use Hot and Cold Towels

towelsWhen you go to a traditional barbershop that uses straight razors, one thing you will see being used that you might not have thought of are hot and cold towels. These are necessities in these barbershops and to get the closest of shaves on your face at home and necessary for your at home use to get that smooth feeling.

Before your shave, you will want to use a hot towel and put it across your face and neck to open the pores. By opening the pores, you are making it easier to get that smooth feeling on your shave every time.

When you are done with your shave, you will use a cold towel to close the pores again. This will help you fight against ingrown hairs and other problems.

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