Review: Best Shaving Brushes for Men


Shaving brushes are an essential part of any shaving kit that needs shaving cream or soap to lather up and apply onto the face. Shaving brushes are usually made of badger hair bristles traditionally as it gives a dense and even distribution of lather all over the face.

Parker Shaving Pure Badger Bristle Shaving Brush with Black Deluxe Handle & Free Stand

Parker Shaving has come up with a deluxe product in the traditional sense, utilising a dense head of badger bristle hairs for a good quality brush. The brush bristles are not too ‘hard’, although some people like using ‘harder’ brushes, since they make it easier to work up lather, especially on shaving soaps.

This product however, is neither too hard, nor too ‘soft’, with bristles being too long and floppy to work up lather in enough time. The brush handle itself is made of high quality black resin, giving it a clean and classy look, with a chrome cap to top it off.

More importantly, the handle is hardy and won’t scratch easily neither will the chrome cap chip and flake like some bargain basement brushes do. To top it off, it also comes with a free stand so you have somewhere to place it after you are done shaving.

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Omega 13109 Creamy Curved Handle Pure Badger Shaving Brush

The Omega 13109 is a good brush for people who don’t want any fancy gimmicks, and want to get the job done well, but without all the fuss and glamour. It has the standard badger bristles, which is more popular compared to boar bristles since it holds more lather and whips up lather quicker due to the density and number of bristles compared to boar bristle brushes.

Some people may not find the plastic handle appealing, especially since many brush handles are made of more ‘traditional’ materials like wood and stone, and even ivory, although you can’t find those on the open market these days to animal cruelty prevention.

A hardy brush which washes quickly and doesn’t shed much and a great companion for the traveling user.

Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush

Tweezerman has made a standard high quality brush with a good value, and unlike many other brands at a similar quality point, it has made its brushes to be denser and thus easier to create a rich lather. No nonsense and frills free, the Tweezerman is great for the value conscious user.

The Tweezerman has a wooden handle and a flat base, so caring for the Tweezerman brush is very smile if you follow the cardinal rules of brush care. Don’t leave it to dry with the bristles facing upward, and hold the brush at the base where it connects to the handle while working up a smooth creamy lather. Do not stab the brush or bend the bristles while doing so or it will reduce the lifespan.

The wooden handle doesn’t scratch easily and contributes to the long life of this brush if well cared for, so hang it up to dry properly and you won’t have any wood rot problems.

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Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set

Van Der Hagen decides to go one step further, and offer everyone not the full shaving set to start with like some of its competitors, giving them freedom of choice to pick their own shavers, but it gives them everything else they need.

Now, all the essentials are covered in this set, with the exception of the razor itself of course. There is an apothecary mug in black, which is also listed as monogrammed, which basically means one colour. No issue with that, it looks sleek and easy to maintain.

There is also of course, a hypo-allergenic shaving soap to start off with, so if you get this set, you won’t need to go shopping around for other soaps. However, once that runs out, you can go get your own favourite variant.

The mainstay in this set however, is the badger bristle brush. Not boar bristle, but the finer and more preferred option of badger bristles, especially since it lasts longer and works up lather easier since the bristles are finer and denser.

The brush also comes with a stand, which is especially important – since brush care helps it to last longer than if you just leave it standing with bristles facing up. You should always leave your brush with bristles down after you shave to dry out.

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