Review: Best Shaving Sets for Men


Get a shaving set for the man you love, and they’ll appreciate the practical gift you gave – it makes them feel good, smell better, and best of all, it won’t break the bank! On top of that, it’s great for an introductory gift that has everything a shaving man needs – you won’t need to get any additional items to do so.

All you need to tell them to do is to watch a tutorial on how to use it, and they’re all set! If it’s for yourself, all the better. You won’t need to go bargain hunting for extra accessories with the top notch selection we have here.

Merkur Shaving Gift Set with Safety Razor, Bowl, Shaving Soap, Badger Brush, and Stand

Luxurious – that’s a word to describe a shaving set like this. While it’s not going to break the bank, it goes very easy on the eye too, and won’t rust or tarnish in the bathroom where it’s wet and humid. Why? Everything in this shaving set is chrome plated, well, except for the shaver blades and the badger brush of course!

This is extremely important, especially for beginner’s shaving sets, since a first time user may not know how to care for their kit appropriately. Bad handling and maintenance of the badger brush especially, can lead to a drastic shortening of lifespans for the brush. The chrome handle is especially useful, since it will not rot when in prolonged contact with water. That said however, proper care must still be used.

That’s the best part of this set – it comes with a stand to dry out and keep both the brush and razor together, which is very useful in maintaining the entire kit.

Parker 96R Safety Razor Shave Set

Parker is another big brand name well known for making durable and classy products for the shaving man, and again, they do not disappoint. This shave set comes with a Pure Badger Brush, Stand & Parker 96R Butterfly Open Safety Razor.

The pure badger brush isn’t fantastic per se, but it gets better after the first shave and isn’t too soft or hard. The butterfly razor however, is a great bargain, and the entire set is aesthetically pleasing and functional with the badger brush handle made of a hardy resin body and chrome cap. The stand itself is chrome too, so it’s great for preventing corrosion. Better still, the stand serves both the brush and the razor, which is great for first timers.

No shaving soaps or creams are included however, giving you the choice to make your own decision.

Perfecto Deluxe Shaving Set

The Perfecto Deluxe Shaving set is not exactly the most posh shaving kit you will get, not is it the most deluxe, but it covers all your basic needs, and will not let you down. It comes with a badger brush, a brush stand, and a double edge safety razor.

For fans of the minimalist clean cut aesthetic, or a modern look, the Perfecto Deluxe shaving set is great, with its clean tones and chrome plating o everything except for the brush handle. The chrome stand will fit both the brush and the razor, which is necessary especially since the brush handle is made of wood and needs to hang to dry to prevent wood rot.

Very importantly too – the base of the stand has a neoprene heavy base that will not rattle and tip if you accidentally bump into it. This is the mark of quality which separates it from cheap chrome imitation stands you can find in every knockoff motel around the world.

Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl With Handle, Black

Now, if you want to get something for the man in your life that already shaves, but wants to upgrade his kit – here you have something really good.

Black, and in glazed porcelain with a great look to match, the Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl with handle is a great gift that won’t be mismatched or look out of place in any shaving set. If the handle of his razor set is chrome, along with the stand, it will contrast nicely, but if its black, it will match.

There’s really no way you can go wrong with the smooth dark black colour of this shaving bowl. Not unless the shaving set your recipient has is very tacky to begin with of course!