Review: Best Beard Brushes to Maintain Your Unique Look

A beard is one of the most popular trends for men’s fashion in our current times, but a beard doesn’t come without its share of work. When done right, beards can be a great fashion statement, but you get from them exactly what you give into them.

Beards need to be conditioned to help keep from becoming itchy and more importantly, they need to be combed daily to help maintain a clean and crisp look. There are countless beard brushes on the market that advertise that they will be your best defense against a raggedy looking beard, but are they as good as they say they are?

Kent Military Bristle Brush

Made in England, this oval brush features beech wood with black bristles, giving a smooth color contrast that help it to stand out on store shelves. The bristles used by Kent for this brush is from wild boar from India and China and are trimmed down to size in the Kent factory.

The fact that no two bristles are made the same length will make sure different sizes within the same brush, but the quality of the bristles used on this Kent brush make it a perfect buy.

This brush is considered one of the top on the market and with a price tag greater than $60, it may be a steep price for some, but it is one of the most popular brushes available for those that value their beards and are looking for a brush with stuff bristles that will last for quite some time. Its portability is another major positive as it easily fits in briefcases, carry-on bags, and other bags.

Zeus 100% Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Brush

Where the Kent brush is at the top of the line in terms of price, this Zeus model is at the bottom of the line. That doesn’t mean that what you are getting isn’t something worthwhile. It is exactly the opposite. This brush is one of the top available and also feature boar bristles and is also portable.

It is advertised to give you a smoother, shinier, and more touchable beard and after using it a single time, you will see it does exactly as described.

There are three rows of natural boar hairs that will help you to clear out just about any tangle that may develop in your beard. Using this brush will also help promote healthier and stronger hair follicles, which will in turn help to protect your skin. This brush is made in Germany and the strands of boar hair is inserted into the warp-resistant pear wood handle which will be durable during all your travels.

Bass Brushes Classic Men’s Club Style

This brush appears much like the kind you would use on your hair and is made of 100 percent pure bamboo brush with natural wild boar bristles.

The price point for this brush is on point with the Zeus brush and features only natural ingredients for the bristles. When using this brush, you will be stimulating, massaging, and exfoliate your skin, allowing your own natural oils to polish and seal your hair.

Each Bass brush is hand treated to complete the process as the natural colors of the wood naturally stand out more because of this treatment. The biggest difference between this model and the others on this list is that the bristles are softer and can also be used on for men that are balding.

CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush

With bristles made of horse hair, this brush is a little costlier than the previous two models, but is a real deal compared to the Kent brush. Using this brush will allow you to spread beard oil throughout your entire beard while also keeping it organized and maintained.

This brush was designed to be used with beard dry oil cans as well as other beard oils. With gentle massage, the bristles on this portable beard brush can penetrate your skin.

This brush can also be washed without worry of the bristles breaking down. Simply lather the bristles, rinse with warm water, and dry with a clean towel every four to six weeks to ensure it is cleaned and ready to complete its job.

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