Review: Best Combs to Make Your Beard Look Great

The beard craze is still going strong, but gone are the days of raggedy beards being okay to the general public. While some television shows feature wild-beards, to the normal population, beards are great if they are maintained. You need trimmers, wax, and especially combs to help make sure your beard isn’t too wild and crazy each day.

There are countless combs that are on the market today that are advertised to help keep your beard groomed the right way. Most of the combs that are made for use on beards are small enough to fit in a pocket throughout the day and for the most part, you won’t even notice it was there. These are four of the best beard combs that you can use to make your beard look great.

Baxter of California Beard Comb

With a retail price of about $16, this comb, made by Baxter of California, is made in Switzerland and is at the top of the market for beard care. These handcrafted combs are made to provide with the utmost comfort when grooming.

The company pays every attention to detail when manufacturing these popular combs as they complete a 12 step process with each individual item to ensure they are made the way Baxter of California expects. One of the major advantages for potential owners from their intricate 12 step process is that each tooth is properly tapered and rounded off.

Every comb from Baxter of California is made from high quality cellulose acetate sheets, which is a natural modified polymer that comes from cotton and tree pulp cellulose. This company has been at the top of the male grooming business since it was originally founded in 1965 and each year, continues to improve their products and gain new customers because of products like this tortoise patterned comb.

Kent 20T Folding Comb

Most combs are small enough to fit in your pocket alongside your cell phone, car keys, and wallet. If you are looking for a comb that is even smaller than the standard product you are used to, the Kent 20T folding comb is exactly what you need.

This comb is also handmade ensuring for properly rounded and tapered teeth. The 20T is so good that it can be used for all types of hair including the thickest beard hair and will fight through all knots, plus it can be used for wet hair.

It can also be used for fine scalp hair and even for mustaches.

EQLEF Green Sandalwood Pocket Comb

The most unique beard comb you might find would be the EQLEF sandalwood pocket comb. When you get this comb out of the package, the first thing you might notice is the color differs from comb to comb and this is because of the wood used.

It can also change colors because of sun exposure and owners should be sure to not drop it as it could break. You will also want to be sure to not expose it to high temperatures and to keep it in a ventilated area.

Instead of the conventional long and narrow comb that most are used to, this comb was manufactured with more of a rectangular shape with teeth on both sides. You won’t have to worry about your hair getting caught up in the teeth and there won’t be any transfer of static electricity.

Kent 81T The Handmade Comb

Another Kent comb that is worth the retail price is the 81T. At less than $7, this adorable comb is perfect for any beard and can groom any hair, regardless of thickness, making it perfect for those with thick beards and even those with smaller areas of hair including the soul patch.

Much like all Kent beard and mustache combs, this item is made in England completely by hand and is saw cut to its finished size.

It is gentle enough to be used for the scalp as well and is small enough to fit in shirt or jacket pockets.

This comb also has an ergonomic feel to it and can be used with more comfort than many other products on the market.

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