Review: Best Beard Oil for All Your Grooming Needs

It isn’t enough to just grow your beard out, shampoo and condition it each day, and keep it clean every week with a beard trimmer. Nowadays you need to use beard wax and balm, brushes, combs, and dye to keep your beard looking clean and elegant and to keep your lady friends excited about your appearance. Another tool that is needed in the fight against dirty looking beards is beard oil.

Generally speaking, beard oils can be used after showering, before bed, or right before going out for a night on the town. There are many positive reasons why you would want to use beard oil including keeping your beard healthy and moisturized. Below are four of the best beard oils on the market today.

100% Pure Organic Beard Oil

This 1 fl. ounce fragrance free organic beard oil retails for about $30 and soaks into your skin quickly. When you use this beard oil, you will be getting a healthier beard and it will appear so much better than when you never used oils.

Use of this product will moisturize your beard hair and your skin, helping you to never have that uncomfortable itchy feeling again. It doesn’t feature any scent, which will make most men happy, and will also make it easier to be more intimate with the special woman in your life.

This product was made with a nice blend of oils that work to not only maintain and improve natural luster and shine, but to help you take back control of your beard by reducing itchiness and irritation. They use only the best ingredients available to them that will improve the strength of your beard while also revitalizing your skin.

Beard Buddy Beard Oil

The Beard Buddy beard oil comes in a 2 oz. container and sells for around $40. The best part about this package of beard oil is that the 2 oz. should last you a great amount of time. Just place a few drops in your beard and massage it while pulling your beard hair down and it will make your hair and skin healthy.

You can get into a daily routine after your morning shower or simply use it before a night out on the town. It can also be used for overnight use so you can wake up to a softer beard.

Beard Buddy used natural ingredients for their formula on this product which combines to give you a warm and woodsy smell that won’t be too overwhelming. Any man with a beard should own a jar of this oil and the company is proud to say that they don’t test this oil on animals, which makes all of us happy!

Beardband Tree Ranger Beard Oil

While Beardband sells a mustache wax for about $10, their beard oil sells for around $30 for their 1 fl. ounce jar. If the name doesn’t give it away, this product will bring you back into the woods!

After months of research, Beardband developed their ideal formula to create this product and give you the best oil with only natural ingredients.

This product was designed to be lightweight and will improve the gloss of your beard while also helping to promote improved health.

One major positive feature of this product is it won’t leave you with a greasy beard and all that remains is its great smell of the outdoors.

Prospector Co. Beard Oil

When you get the Prospector Co. beard oil, you are getting a 1 oz. mini flask for roughly $30. This beard oil gives off a masculine smell that isn’t too overwhelming and doesn’t smell like something a woman would wear.

It also helps to condition hair follicles with their combination of natural ingredients. Not to mention, this product can also be used on any beard regardless of skin type without worry.

Among the natural ingredients this product contains includes argan, grapeseed, cedarwood, sandalwood, and many more essential oils.

This beard oil is made in the United States of America and the manufacturer says that you should splash it liberally into the palm of your hands before gently massaging it into your skin and beard.

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