Best Cheap Hair Clippers for Under $30

To keep your appearance up for the business world, it takes a lot of extra time in the morning and accessories. For men, this means you need to have beard trimmers, nose hair trimmers or hair clippers if you enjoy giving yourself a haircut. This isn’t always recommended or suggested for those that have problems with straight lines, but regardless, there are many choices. The best hair clippers often cost more than some men would be willing to pay, but there are still many choices that are a little more affordable. What are some of the best cheap hair clippers currently available that will ultimately allow you to save money by cutting your own hair?

Wahl 79524-2501 Chrome Pro 24-Piece Haircut Kit

Wahl is one of the most reliable and trusted names in male grooming products and because of that, has two of the best cheap hair clippers available right now. The first, the 79524-2501 chrome unit comes with all the accessories you need to give yourself a cut or to cut the hair of others. This unit comes with 24 pieces including the ergonomically comfortable clipper, as well as numerous guides, brushes, combs and scissors.

“The brand the professionals use” is the slogan Wahl operates by and this unit is another example of giving their consumers quality products for half the price of the competitors. This clipper set is perfect for all grooming needs you may have in the comfort of your home and is a great set to put on your barber shop table if you are a professional.

The blades on this unit are self-sharpening and made of high-carbon steel, which are meant to make them last longer and stay sharp longer. It comes with 11 different guides allowing you to cut hair to whatever length is necessary and while it does need to be maintained from time to time (lubricating oil included), is worth every penny of the $40 asking price. It also comes with its own case that allows you to easily transport all your accessories from location to location if you travel to cut hair.

Remington Short Cut Clipper Rechargeable, Cordless, Haircut Kit

With so many quality companies putting out various male grooming tools, Remington seems to be left in the dark more often than not. This clipper set retails for a little more than $40, but is often found on sale and is quite a bargain. This clipper doesn’t have your conventional look like others on this list, but still performs up to par and is worth your purchase.

This clipper is made for men to cut their own hair without worry. This clipper can be set to cut different lengths and is meant to allow you to give yourself a haircut perfectly every time. It has a brush-like design which is how they make it easy for you cut your own hair. By using the same motion as you would if you were combing your hair, you can evenly cut your hair.

Some may wonder how this unit adjusts to the size of your head like using a professional hair stylist would and the answer is simple. It was built with curved blade technology that cuts your hair in relation to the shape of your scalp. It also has bi-directional operating blades that cut your hair back and forth, cutting the normal time of a hair cut in half. The unit has a built-in comb that adjusts to one of five different sizes and even has a balding attachment when you need to make that super close cut. It has a pop up trimmer, which is meant to be used to clean up your neckline and around your ears.

While it is an unconventional clipper in both appearance and in terms of operation, it is a unit that is worth your money if you are trying to save on haircuts. Not to mention, since it is made to be used on one’s own head, it is safer than the traditional clippers in terms of errors.

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit

The second Wahl clipper set on this list is a 20 piece complete haircutting unit, the 79300-400. This unit comes with the same sleek ergonomically comfortable shape as the other Wahl on this list, but comes with several features that the other didn’t have. This clipper set would be perfect for anyone cutting the hair of children, as the guides all come in different colors. This makes is easier for everyone to remember what size cut they want and for the kids, allows them to play around with different colors and test their memory. The unit even has the color chart with the size on the face, allowing you easy access as to what guide is what size.

This unit also comes with a sturdy case that allows you to keep all the accessories and tools in one spot. The 79300-400 Color Pro also has self-sharpening, high carbon steel blades that are meant to last longer and stay sharper through more hair cuts than rival clipper sets. The motor on this unit is one of the best in the business for clippers. It has more than 35 percent power drive than other clippers, which allows it to cut through hair at a quicker pace.

It also has the versatility that allows it to be used in a hair salon cutting the hair of dozens of men, in your bathroom for self-cuts, or even to help trim down your beard. Without any guide on the unit, it will cut your hair down to the stubble, giving you a five o’clock shadow whenever you want it. As for the price of this unit, it retails originally for more than $40, but can often be found on sale for more than half off.

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