Review: Best Hair Clippers of 2017 – Make Cutting Hair Easy

Whether you are trying to become a professional barber or simply looking to save some money by cutting your own hair, the best hair clippers will help make the job go a lot smoother for you. The market for electric hair clippers is filled with hundreds of items that will leave some confused as to which is the right tool for you.

There are many factors and features that need to be taken into account when purchasing hair clippers that a novice shopper might not know what to look for. Below, the most important things to look for in men’s hair clippers are covered in depth, plus we also look at three of the best hair clippers on the market today. The clippers included within this article may be a bit expensive, but they are built to last and are extremely professional and are often the same units found in barbershops around the world.

Type of Blades

This is one of those areas that has grown in importance over the years. Years ago, electric hair clippers were all built the same way. Traditionally speaking, products made 20 years ago are believed to have been built better than their counterparts of today. That being said, products made today need to be made with convenience and usability in mind. With men finding it hard to get time for themselves to do the most basic of tasks, the last they want to do is spend time having to oil and maintain their blades. This means that the men of today want their blades to be self-sharpening, self-oiling and made to last with heavy duty stainless steel.

Most of the hair clippers produced today are made with stainless steel blades. The clippers made with these types of blades are meant to last for an extended period of time, but this could change depending on how often you use them and the hair in which they are cutting. If you are using these hair clippers to cut only your own hair, they should last for years, but if you are using them in a barbershop dozens of times per day, they might not last as long as advertised or as long as you hoped. Even if the latter is your situation, while they do work, they do so better than most.

Battery or Corded

Battery life and whether a clipper is corded is probably the most important thing to look at when selecting which hair clippers to purchase. If you are purchasing trimmers for personal use, those units with a cord might not be the easiest to use, or the most comfortable. For those that are using hair clippers for business use, you will want to look for one of the best corded units.

For home users of hair clippers for men, especially those of you that are looking to cut your own hair, it might not be easy to do with a built-in cord attached. Most of the market for hair clippers include units that are corded, but there are a few quality clippers that can be used without a cord.

When it comes to business use, it is quite common to see your stylist or barber using a corded unit, so when you go to make your purchase, these might be the most logical options for you. In fact, considering how many haircuts you make in one day, the last thing you would want to worry about is whether the battery in your clipper will make it through the next hair cut so a corded unit is the only way to go.


Whether you are using hair clippers on just your hair or are starting up a small local barber shop, it is hard to give anyone a good look with just the clippers. You need all the guides, brushes, tubes of lubricating oil and instructions to make sure you give everyone the look they desire. That is why taking a look at the number of attachments that come with the unit itself is an important feature to look at. One of the best hair clippers for men that we will be covering in this guide come with 27 pieces, giving you everything you need to get started. When purchasing your hair clippers, you will want to make sure you get at least eight different guides that allow you to clip hair down from ¼ inch to an inch.

Convenience / Ease of Use

This is one of those categories that really depends on what one considers to be convenient and easy. For many people making clipper purchase, a unit that comes with a carrying case is as important as anything else. While most stylists and barbers have their own bags already with some of their tools and accessories, the ability to neatly pack away and organize your new clipper and all the accessories that come with it is important. The last thing you want to do is purchase a 25 piece set and have all the guides and brushes loose in your larger bag.

Ease of use is one aspect of the convenience category that needs to be considered when making a hair clipper purchase. A clipper set that comes with a dozen guides is great, but when the guides and the clipper isn’t made up to par and the two aren’t easy to separate, problems can be had. While giving a haircut at your job, one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to you is a guide getting stuck to your clipper. Even those unfamiliar with hair clippers will know that the product you are using on their head isn’t up to high standards.

The Best Hair Clippers for Men

Now that you know what to look for the next time you head to the store to pick up a new electric hair clipper, what are three of the absolute best clippers available on the market today? From Oster to Wahl to Andis, these electric hair clippers come with all the top features, accessories and more that will give you the best tools for cutting hair.

3. Andis Promotor+ Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit

The Andis clipper and trimmer combo kit is a 27-piece set that features all the accessories and tools needed to use it properly. This clipper set is one of the best on the market and is worth every penny of the $55 suggested manufacturer’s retail price. It is one of the top on the market for many reasons including one of the most important aspects, its power.

This unit has a motor that is more than four times more powerful than comparable clippers available right now. The clipper unit is professional quality and can cut through almost any hair, even when wet. The clipper is lightweight, easy to hold – even when wet – and handle and has a powerful pivot motor. It also has an adjustable stainless steel blade, which make it perfect for any type of hairstyle. The Andis trimmer would be the best tool to maintain your facial hair including any crisp lines you want to produce on your goatee, side burns or neckline. The Andis trimmer also has a powerful pivot motor that is four times stronger than rival products.

The Andis Promoter+ Clipper set is perfect for everyday use in maintaining your beard, mustache, sideburns and can also be used to give yourself a haircut. This 27-piece set includes a trimmer and a clipper, both of which are designed to be used for an extended period of time without breaking down. The guides that come with this set are numbered to allow for easier use in remembering who gets what hair cut and the guides are also rounded, making them safe to use on any head.

Another aspect of this set that makes it worthwhile for many users is its carrying case. All the guides, combs and trimmers can be neatly organized, transported and kept from breaking by using the case. Also included in the case is a barber cape, protective blade guard and many other accessories.

2. Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

The Wahl Super Taper II professional clipper is a unit that retails for $52 and is another tool that would be perfect for those looking to cut their own hair or begin working as a barber. The unit is very light, but still features a powerful V5000 motor that will help it cut through even the thickest of hair. This set isn’t as large as the Andis, but it still comes with six color-coded attachments that will allow kids the chance to play the color game when they sit in the barber chair. The set also comes with a cleaning brush, styling comb, lubricating oil and full instructions on how to use and maintain your new clipper.

The blades on this unit are one of the best features on the Wahl Super Taper II. The blades were constructed so well that they are able to cut through any type of hair with ease. Since this is a professional clipper, it can only be used with the power code, which could make it difficult for those looking to cut their own hair. However, the cord is extremely long and allows you to make use out of it from a great distance away from the outlet if you need to cut the hair of others.

A lot of men may be scared off by the price of this unit, but it is worth it every penny. The power of this motor and the accessories that come with it make it a great buy.

1. Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper

This Oster fast feed clipper is great for so many reasons including its quiet operation. When hair is being cut, whether it is in a barbershop or from the comfort of your own home, one of the most hated parts is the noise that come from the machines. With this machine, there is no noise. Despite its lower operating sounds, it has a powerful motor that is made to cut through all types of hair. This set doesn’t have as many accessories as the other models covered in this guide, but it still comes with four guides, blade guard, lubricating oil and brush.

The Oster Professional Clipper retails for more than $80, which could scare some potential purchasers off, but it is a unit that will last for years and provide great results with each use. One of the reasons why this unit is worth your money is the simple fact that you can quickly and easily change the length of the cut on the actual unit itself. The guides are simply included to help you blend together different parts of your hair. The clipper also works quickly and accurately with a pivot motor. This powerful motor is made to cut through even the thickest of hairs, even when that hair is wet. These clippers are the same kinds that you will see at all the barbershops and if it is good enough for the professionals, it should be good enough for you. It has a great ergonomic design that helps it stand out above the heavier, bulkier and often uncomfortable models that are difficult to grip that are currently out there today.

Looking for Something Different?

These three hair clippers might be expensive for some, but they are the best tools to help you keep your hair maintained or to get off to a good start in your new career path. If you would rather spend a little less money for a hair clipper, we have also completed a guide for the best cheap hair clipper available. The hair clippers included in that article are still built to last and provide great results, but they won’t cost you as much like these models do.

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