Review: Best Beard Trimmers of 2017

One thing lost on millions of men around the world is the need to have a properly groomed beard. Job interviews, dates, parent-teacher meetings and other events can be affected by failing to properly groom your beard. While it is alright for hockey players to let their beards grow out during their second season called … Read more

Review: The Best Safety Razors

Safety Razors get their name from the ‘guard’ of a razor, which prevents and protects the user from skinning themselves with a razor blade outright, especially for those with a lack of skill. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use one without skill, as it is still easy to cut yourself if you aren’t … Read more

Review: Best Combs to Make Your Beard Look Great

The beard craze is still going strong, but gone are the days of raggedy beards being okay to the general public. While some television shows feature wild-beards, to the normal population, beards are great if they are maintained. You need trimmers, wax, and especially combs to help make sure your beard isn’t too wild and … Read more

Review: Best Beard Care Products For All Your Needs

A man’s beard can tell you a lot about the person. If it is well maintained and neat, you may automatically assume the gentleman is a business professional, while those with wild and crazy beards might be considered people that don’t care about what anyone thinks of them. Regardless of what style you desire, there … Read more

Review: Best 3 Beard Dye Products

A great looking beard can help set one man apart from the rest. A well groomed beard is always the way to go opposed to a beard that is left alone when you wake up. Beard combs, brushes, trimmers, and more are needed to make your beard look good each day, but for those men … Read more