How to Make Your Beard Grow Faster – Secrets to Darker, Fuller Beard

For millions of men around the world, one of the most difficult things to do is grow facial hair. For some, within a few days, your face is completely covered in a thick, black beard, while for others, that thick black beard takes weeks or months. A lot of this is genetics and those that have seen their family members struggle to grow a beard or mustache growing up will look for any method they can that is meant to help.

There are creams, medical treatments and other things you can do that are advertised to work. There are also some natural and home treatments that are meant to help you increase beard growth that you can complete. What are some of the best methods to try?


For as long as men have been trying to get their beards to grow in fuller or even at all, there have been companies that have attempted to hit the market with a product that will work. As we mentioned above, some of these products have worked well for some and not for others. These creams all have the same basic premise of helping to boost the cells internally that produces facial hair. There are hundreds of products that claim to work, but what are some of the best that could help get a beard on your face faster than ever before?

• Mustache Growing Cream

This cream is billed as a mustache growing cream, so for those that have no problems growing a beard, but struggle to get hair above their upper lip, this cream is meant for you. The manufacturers say that this product can also be used for your beard or even to help boost chest hair growth. They say to apply this cream twice a day to whatever area of the body you want more hair for two to three weeks. At this point, you should begin to see some light hair develop. When you use this cream, it is advised to not rinse the cream off, rather rub the cream into the skin completely.

• Green Magic Hair Growth Cream


The Green Magic hair growth cream is meant to help all types of hair grow including and especially your beard. It is one of the best facial hair growth products available today and has been proven to work in as little as two weeks. The product does contain sulfur, so anyone allergic might want to try one of the other creams we have covered here. If you have any bald spots, this product will quickly and safely make those spots disappear in no time.

• Kismera Regenerating Cream for Hair Growth

This regenerating cream is one of the best on the market to help encourage hair growth on your face. It was designed to help provide the vitamin complex needed for hair growth and not only does it help your hair grow, it also helps it come back stronger.

Medical Treatments

There are a few medical alternatives men can turn to when they want to grow their hair faster. If you are an older man that is only now struggling to grow a beard or it isn’t growing as quickly as it used to, you might want to visit your doctor. They can test you for numerous ailments and to see if all your necessary levels are where they need to be.

• Testosterone Treatment

Among the areas they could check would be your testosterone count. If it is lower, your doctor can prescribe you medication that is meant to boost your testosterone like creams that are applied daily to your underarm, pills, or even Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Your doctor can fill you in on all the details, but you need to be cautious of the amount of testosterone being given to you at any given time. Too much testosterone can inhibit the growth of your facial hair, working in reverse of the desired reaction. This treatment is an overnight fix and could take as long as a year to begin working. It isn’t the fastest method of helping you get your beard to grow faster, but is still an option.

• Surgery

Another option you have would be to visit a surgeon. What your surgeon would do is transplant hair follicles (usually from the back of your head) and transplant them into your cheeks. This surgery would be performed with you as an outpatient, but again, results aren’t seen over night. Your skin will become irritated by the procedure and it could still take anywhere from a year to two years for the hair to start growing in faster and properly.


The question of whether vitamins help encourage the growth of hair is one that is constantly asked by men looking for a little help in growing their facial hair. Overall, your entire health plays a large role in how well your hair grows. To ensure that your hair grows the way it should, you should make sure you are getting enough of certain vitamins.

• Vitamin A. Vitamin A plays a part in a large number of tasks in the human body including helping red blood cells form. Red blood cells are important because they help pass oxygen throughout the body and they also work to make sure your hair follicles and scalp are nourished.

• Vitamin B. Vitamin B is important for your body because it helps to support cell growth and circulation in the body. The lack of vitamin b in the human body has been linked to hair loss.

• Vitamin C. Your skin health is helped by the abundance of Vitamin C. Whether it is natural vitamin c from the sun or through vitamin tablets, this vitamin is important to the health of your scalp health and overall health of your skin.

• Vitamin E. Vitamin E in the human body can help support the health of your scalp and skin. It helps to keep these areas nourished and will help prevent your scalp from being damaged by ultraviolet light.

There are many food items you can eat each day that will help boost the levels of these vitamins in your body, but there are also numerous vitamins on the market that are meant to help improve the health of your hair and help it grow faster.

• Vibrance Vitamins for Hair Growth

This supplement is made of natural herbal extracts and other ingredients that were fully researched and studied to ensure that those taking it will have their hair grow faster. The manufacturer of this supplement used more than 35 vitamins, as well as other minerals and herbs, all with the intention of making your hair grow and be healthier. One thing that stands out about this product is that it is gluten, dairy and wheat free and has absolutely no artificial ingredients. It is recommended for those looking to use this supplement that they should be taken for a minimum of three months for the best results. These capsules were made in the United States and adhered to strict guidelines set by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Natural and Home Remedies

It might sound crazy to some, but even the most basic process like keeping your skin moist with a moisturizing cream that contains eucalyptus will help your hair grow faster. With your skin moisturized and free of any dead cells or skin, your beard will have a better base to begin growing faster. Another helpful hint to getting your beard to grow faster would be to wash your face with warm water and a mild cleanser each morning. This helps to promote beard growth again by having a solid base for which your hair follicles can excel in.

One remedy that most men might be hesitant about trying would be to exfoliate their skin at least once a week. The idea of wearing a green mask is something that most men would never dream of doing, but when it comes to helping to get their beard to grow faster, is a great solution. There are scrubs and exfoliants made especially for use on men and after these creams remove the dead cells from your face, will promote hair growth. Each of these scrubs and masks have different instructions, but most will need to be kept on your face generally for 10 to 30 minutes before rinsing off.

For men and women alike, stress can be the cause of many health problems, ailments and conditions. For men, one of the problems that could arise from being too stressed out all the time is a decrease in hair growth. This includes on their head and their face. When you are stressed, mentally and physically, it is difficult for your body to complete even the easiest of tasks. Since you can’t completely rid your body of stress, there are a few tips and tricks that can help reduce the amount of stress in your life and promote beard growth including yoga, meditation and general exercise. You can also find a “stress friend” and talk over any issues either of you may have. When you talk about your problems, it will generally make you feel better and as we covered, feeling better will allow your body to properly function and your beard to grow faster and fuller.

Facial Hair Growing FAQ

There are countless myths and rumors about what will help your facial hair grow. Some of these statements are true, while others are completely false. In this section, we will cover some of the most talked about and asked questions regarding facial hair growth.

• Does my beard grow faster in the summer?

In fact, this is 100 percent the truth. It has been proven that your facial hair does in fact grow faster in the summer. There has been numerous studies conducted in the past that have called this the truth, but the same doesn’t go for the hair on your head. There is no proof that the hair on your head grows faster in the warmer summer months.

• Will my beard grow faster if I shave every day?

This is one of those questions that is asked quite often and is one that some call fact and some call fiction. Since there is no way for the brain to know whether you have a beard like ZZ Top or no facial hair like a teenage boy band member, shaving your beard doesn’t necessarily make it grow faster. One thing that has been confirmed to make your beard and other facial hair grow faster is old age. As you get older, the hair will grow faster and is usually thicker.

• I have a beard, but it is lighter. Can I do anything to make it darker and fuller?

Essentially, there is nothing you can do here that will help your hair grow darker and fuller. Genetics don’t always work to your advantage when it comes to your beard and there is no known solution to fixing this issue.

• I am a teenager and my beard grows in blotches. What can I do to make my beard grow faster across my entire face?

This is another area where unfortunately, you have no say in affecting change. Each year, thousands of teenagers begin to see their facial hair grow quicker, but not fully. Whether it is on your chin, by your sideburns or where your mustache should be, not all of these areas are filled with hair. You can change this, but it is something that will correct itself over time.

Overall, what are my Choices?

The best tips on growing a beard include living a healthy, stress-free life. When you want to grow facial hair to begin with or increase beard growth, you can speak with your doctor about testosterone therapy, trying one of the creams covered in this guide or seek out natural remedies. There is no secret beard growth formula, rather when it comes to how to grow a beard, it is a combination of multiple factors.

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