Review: The Best Safety Razors

Safety Razors get their name from the ‘guard’ of a razor, which prevents and protects the user from skinning themselves with a razor blade outright, especially for those with a lack of skill. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use one without skill, as it is still easy to cut yourself if you aren’t careful.

Safety razors can last much longer and are much cheaper individually by themselves in the long run as compared to cartridge shavers – for the simple reason that all the razor blades from different brands are made to fit a standard model and size. Unlike cartridge shaving then, which gives you control over the quality and price you wish to pay for your razor blades.

Usually, for razor blades themselves, there are three types – stainless steel chrome and platinum. Chrome and stainless steel are essentially the same type, except with differing amounts of the metal chromium, while platinum blades have the edges treated for hardness so they keep their edge longer.

Seki Edge Feather All Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor

The Seki Edge Feather comes from a company well known for both its double edged razors and blades – all the way from Japan.

This model is totally made of stainless steel to prevent rust and it ultimately, at its finest, a utilitarian tool. It does the job, and does it well to last you a long time with its full stainless steel body preventing any sort of corrosion.

It may not look like much, but let not the looks of the AS-D2 fool you; it is a quality product with a flip open head that fits of course, all standard double edged razors. While it may not have a fancy butterfly head that flips open or a screw open handle, it’s easy and forgiving on the face – the angle of the razor and the guard is just right so that you don’t get razor burn from pressing too hard or accidentally sliding it over your face too fast.

The quality craftsmanship is obvious, especially when you realize that the razor blades are centred perfectly and not skewed to one side, which is a common problem with lack of other brands. All in all, great heft and excellent quality, a top notch product.

Merkur “Futur” Safety Razor, Satin Finish

The Merkur “future” Safety Razor is a great razor for those slightly more experienced in shaving, and know what they want. The Merkur model we have here has a heft that speaks volumes about the quality of the workmanship.

The handle itself is ergonomically designed with a depression made to fit most hands comfortably without having to shift up and down the handle- this gives any user a stable point from which to base his own personal experience and develop shaving skill from.

Once past the point of being proficient with the razor, it offers more than just one angle- you can use the adjustable angling to get a closer shave or for problem areas too. The handle finish is in satin, smooth and classy.

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl

The Edwin Jagger brand name is famous for good reason amongst the shaving community, for the style and class they bring back from the 80’s and the simply delightful quality shavers they manufacture.

The Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl is made in England, and has a delightful chrome plated handle that exudes shine and class unlike any other. It’s handle is vertically scored, which gives it a good grip in a wet shower; speaking of which, there is no need to worry that it will get rusty or corrode in the shower or other wet environments due to its chrome body.

Even the screw bottom is chrome, and it makes it a delight to look at, especially with the subtly raised letters of the brand name on top of the handle.

On top of that, unlike other razor brands, the Edwin Jagger is not hefty, nor a lightweight, but balanced just nicely, which gives users who like to spend long hours shaving to get a close and smooth shave a great experience, since it won’t tire out the wrists or the fist.

Anyone who has larger hands will find this model great for filling in the gap between long handled models and standard handle length models, especially since the razor handle is slightly longer to accommodate larger hands.

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