[Review] Old Spice Beard & Head Trimmer, Powered by Braun

Your latest trimmer isn’t really what you were looking for? Or things have gotten a bit boring with the tools you have at your disposal? Certainly, the Old Spice Bear & Head Trimmer is a device that can make things exciting again in front of the mirror. This bright red model from Braun got my attention as I used quite a few Old Spice products like deodorants and soaps. Of course, the confirmation that this trimmer was backed up by Braun was essential to my purchase since it’s necessary that you get something that’s worth your money.

Then to reassure me even more, the model comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This might come from the habit of Old Spice is being strongly confident in their product, but it’s certainly a rare offering in the case of trimmers. I saw just about nothing that could go wrong with this one. My old trimmer was becoming a pain to use, and I thought I’d upgrade to the latest technology with this.

Features and Settings for Both Beard and Hair

The Old Spice Bear&Head Trimmer features 12 settings in total to do the work, and they vary quite slightly in length to get exactly what you need. From 1 millimeter to 11 millimeters, you get 6 settings and you can climb your way through the levels to see what suits you the best. So that’s the beard comb. For the hair side of things, it goes from 10 millimeters to 20 millimeters with again a 6 settings selection. I found this enough to answer all my needs, although I use this trimmer mostly for beard. Overall, setting up the trimmer as quite easy to do. There’s a startup guide to help you with anything if you need it.

Corded or cordless doesn’t matter with this trimmer. Of course it’s better to keep using it corded to keep your charge in case you need it, but it still lasts decently long: 40 minutes. I think this is enough to bring on a short trip to do some adjustments (in the case that you would forget the charger for example) and for the price the trimming you can do on one charge is fair. Sure, more expensive models do more in this area, but do remember that this a $50 and below trimmer.

Warranty and Quality

But then the most important thing to me is how strong the trimmer feels for the price. Despite what some naysayers would say about the Old Spice branding, this thing does feel solid and in no way like it’s going to fall apart. And on top of the 60 day money back guarantee I mentioned earlier, you get a 2 year limited warranty from the manufacturer, so I have the confidence that this is going to last a fair amount of time.

For me, $50 and two years and over of good trimming and performance sounds good. The stainless steel blades look to be of great quality and have kept their sharpness for the six months that I have used this. The head is pretty narrow as well for more reach. The process is exactly what I was looking for in terms of cleaning – very uncomplicated and you just put it under the faucet. That doesn’t mean it can do under the shower however.

Our Verdict

Overall, I can’t say that the Old Spice Bear & Head Trimmer is the best trimmer ever, but it does deliver a whole lot for the price. My only negatives would be the hair trimmer which, while working OK when I tried it, isn’t that terrific for me to want to use it on a regular basis. The trimmer is excellent though, with its adjustments and good charge, you’re getting something worth your money.

This is probably a good gift for teenagers, as it looks young and cool with the Old Spice branding. With the package, you also get all the necessary accessories like a cleaning brush, some oil, and yes, manliness according to Old Spice. If you want to give your young man something to pull out confidently in front of his friends to take care of his first beards, this has to be it.

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