How to Shape and Maintain Your Beard

One of the most interesting things anyone that enjoys people watching can do is check out all the different beard styles that can be seen on those passing by. From large and fluffy to sleek and short, there are numerous styles for different men, but not every look is right for everyone.

There are a few no-no’s that many men complete each time they take out their razor or electric beard trimmer. Some of them are easy to fix in the future, while others will require you start fresh. There are also some easy steps you can follow to ensure that your beard comes out looking exactly how you want it to and exactly how it should.

The Correct Spot on the Neck

This is one of those areas where your style will dictate exactly where on your neck your beard show be trimmed at. If you like to look fresh with crisp lines on your edge up, you are going to leave a thin strip of hair from ear to ear, so you won’t need to worry about your neck line as much. It is those people that wear a full beard that need to be sure to cut at the correct spot on their face or else their masterpiece will look awkward.

I think most men are guilty of this, but if you take your razor to your entire neck and leave only hair on your face and cheeks, you are doing it wrong. There are various opinions on where the exact line should be, but most agree that this imaginary line is a bit above the Adam’s apple that show be as high as you should trim down. You should also envision there being a line from the back of your sideburns and connect this to the line above your Adam’s apple. Anything in this space should be kept, while everything below and to the side of this box should be cut down.

Different types of beards require different types of maintenance and techniques to keep up to par. There are countless tips that all men should follow when they want to take care of their beards, but these are just a few of the most important to keep track of.

Don’t Let it Become Too Much

While the television show Duck Dynasty has turned its stars into celebrities around the world, one thing it has also done was make people who never wore a beard before try to let theirs grow out. It is something that has been happening for years. Everyone wants to emulate their favorite celebrities, but there comes a time when your facial hair can be a little too much. Instead of letting your beard constantly flow wildly off your cheeks, you need to maintain it. If you want to have a long goatee, the least you can do is trim down the sides with a beard trimmer. If you have chubbier cheeks, this is something that will also help your face look slimmer.

If you have never trimmed a beard before without having to worry about keeping something fashionable on your face, then here are a few tips:

• Have all the accessories

When it comes to maintaining your beard and appearing presentable to those around you, you need to have more than just a good pair of scissors. You also need a comb, conditioner and a quality beard trimmer. When you have all of these tools, you can turn that wild thing on your face into something nice.

• Know the look you’re going for

Any man that has walked around sporting a beard that is at least three months old can tell you, when the time comes to cut it down, you need to have a plan set or it’ll be a waste of a good beard. If you want to leave some sort of facial hair, plan it out first or you might go from barbarian to baby in as little as 10 minutes.

• Get committed to the cause

When you decide that you want to grow a beard, the first thing you need to do is be prepared to let it grow. You need to commit to at least a month worth of not shaving or else your beard will never have a chance to fully materialize.

• Let them talk

Whether they like it or hate, people are going to talk about your beard. Whether good or bad, don’t worry about what they say. If you want a big and bushy beard, let it grow and don’t be worried about what people have to say.

• Clean the strays

When you let your beard grow out and don’t trim it, when the four to five week growth period is reached, you should clean up the strays hairs that grew above your natural beard level. There are many trimmers that can do this better than others (more on that below) and will make it easy to clean up your look.

• Be prepared to start from scratch

The clean shaven look is one of the easiest to maintain for men, but one that won’t always provide satisfaction for those looking to keep their face covered. That being said, if you have been sporting a full beard for six months and decide it is time for a change, one of the best things to do is to use an electric beard trimmer to cut all the hair off down to your skin. This will allow you the chance to experience the excitement again and to begin working on a completely new look.

Don’t Forget About Your Sideburns

For many men, the sideburns are a part of their facial hair and beard that is often ignored and neglected. This shouldn’t be the case. If you are letting your entire beard grow out, then it shouldn’t be a problem, but if you are otherwise clean shaven, you should consider using an electric beard trimmer to keep your sideburns about the same length as the hair on the side of your head.

Tips to Help Make Beard Growing Easier

When you are letting your beard grow out, one of the biggest problems might be how itchy it gets after a few weeks. One easy way of negating this as an issue is to shampoo and condition your beard. I would shampoo my beard each day and condition it at least three days a week. This will keep the beard from becoming itchy and with the use of the conditioner, your beard will feel less greasy and more like any hair should.

What Are Popular Beard Styles?

Often times, we find ourselves deciding what our facial hair will look like off of what is popular at the moment. With that in mind, the most obvious “in” look would be the wild and long look as seen on the creators the duck call. There are other more fashionable looks you can achieve with your beard:

• 5 O’ Clock Shadow

This traditional look is one that has only grown to become more popular over the years. A little bit of stubble can go a long way for many looks and has grown to be more acceptable in the business world.

• Short Circle Beard

This is a look that actor Leonardo DiCaprio uses often. The small circle look is the hair that grows in the goatee region and is generally short and maintained. No other hair should be on your face aside from this area.

• Maintained Mustache


Despite the laughs that come with having a mustache, it is still one of the timeless facial hair looks you can have and one that only real men can pull off. The one caveat to the mustache is that it needs to be maintained and neat. If it isn’t, it will look terrible and the laughs will be louder.

• Natural Look


As you get older, it is understandable that you will want to color your hair to remove the grey or the salt and pepper look. As many celebrities have shown us in the past, this is not something that you necessarily need to do. If you let your natural colors show on your beard, it is a look that will never get old and something that will be enjoyed by all.

How do I know What Beard Trimmers to Use?

Picking out the right beard trimmer for what you need it for is a difficult task in itself. The market is so filled with products that it is difficult for those unfamiliar with the market to pick out the right one. From battery life to accessories, there are countless things to look at first.

If you need a little help picking out what the right beard trimmer is for you, check out our comprehensive guide here. If you are also in need of a nose hair trimmer, click here, or for information on the best hair clippers, check out this guide.

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