Top 3 Wahl Balding Clippers

Men and women that work in barbershops and hair salons are always looking for the best tools of the trade. This includes cutting shears, clippers, and all the accessories that come with it. Finding the right clipper depends entirely on how much use you plan on getting out of it.

If you are looking for something that will be used only on the weekends on friends and family, then you might not need the top of the line clippers. For those looking to make the purchase for their work, then you will want more of the higher end clippers. One of the most popular brands in clipper manufacturing is Wahl.

Wahl was originally founded in 1919 and have since been ahead of the game in clipper technology. That technology that the company has been innovators with are featured on many of the clippers featured below. What are three of the best Wahl has to offer when it comes to s balding hair look?

Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Series Balding Clipper

One of the most popular clippers in the history of Wahl is their Professional 8110 5-Star balding clipper. This clipper is extremely powerful that has surgical blades for full head balding. It is so powerful that is was made with twice the speed of pivot motor clippers. The clipper comes equipped with two cutting guides and also comes with a black barber comb, pre-shave brush, red blade guard, cleaning brush, oil, and all the instructions to let you know everything you can get from it.

For men that are not used to getting the balding look with their haircut, it can often be an uncomfortable position to be in when you don’t have the right tools. With this clipper set, you will get a perfectly smooth bald look without any of the irritation that you might normally expect to get. Using this clipper won’t get you down directly to the skin, but it will give you the look of a single day growth, which is something a lot of men would actually prefer.

For maintenance, regardless of how often you use it, oiling of the blades is important and essential to its longevity. Oiling the blades will keep them from rusting and keep them ready to cut your hair the right way every time.

Wahl 79111-400 Balder Ultra Close Haircut Kit 13 Piece

This 13-piece set gives you everything you need to get that balding look you desire. While not as popular as the previous model, it has still gotten rave reviews and is a product that has earned quite the reputation. This clipper doesn’t have any overlapping blades, which helps to get the ultra-close cut all over your head. The clipper can also be used for facial hair and because it is meant to be used for your head, has the power to go through any type of hair. It can also be used for facial touch ups and beard trimming.

The self-sharpening blades are some of the best in the clipper business. Designed for balding and even any type of fade, this clipper set was designed to give you the smooth, just got cut at the barber look. The blades are made from high-carbon, precision ground steel and because of this, stay sharp and won’t leave you wishing for a sharper blade for some time. The trimmer is perfect for the professional barber when it comes to comfort. It is ergonomically designed to make it easy to maneuver at any angle on faces and heads.

Wahl 5-star Senior Clipper

This is considered another Wahl top-of-the-line type product. The set includes a cutting comb, red blade guard, cleaning brush, and lubricating oil. The company states that this clipper has a powerful v5000 motor that runs quiet and cool, but when you get the package home, you will find it has an even more powerful v9000 motor.

In terms of it running cool, you will never need to worry about it becoming hot to the touch with too much use, unlike other models. It comes in a high impact metal case that will protect it should you drop it while in use and is something that should last for a long time if properly maintained.

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